EIC Associates, Inc.


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EIC Associates, Inc.

  • March 29, 2023    Views: 720

EIC Associates, Inc. (EIC) performs heavy construction and marine work for the public and private sectors in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut with a special focus on the public sector of New York City Metropolitan Area.

The firm specializes in the construction of Tunnels and Foundation Structures, Utility and Street Projects, Marine Structures, and associated Waterfront Construction, Environmental Remediation, and Processing of Dredge Spoils from the New York Harbor Deepening Program.

EIC Associates, Inc. was formed in 1998 by Joseph A. Branco and Andre B. Ameer.  Over the last 23 years, the company has prospered under the hands-on leadership of its founding partners.  Mr. Branco and Mr. Ameer are top executives who have worked together for the last thirty-eight years, managing numerous construction projects for governmental agencies and private sector clients, including: the New York City DDC, EDC, and DEP; New Jersey DOT; Merck & Company; Curtiss Wright; and PSE&G. Notable accomplishments include the first design/build highway contracts for both the NYC DDC and the NJ DOT.

Our team is unafraid to tackle difficult and challenging tasks. We are known for our technical know-how and use of cutting-edge technologies to implement solutions that ensure the completion of projects within budget and on time.

What We Offer

EIC’s growth plans are focused on obtaining larger ($10-50 Million) public sector projects in the New York City Metro Area, where its principals have established a proven track record with the major contracting agencies over a thirty year period of successful experience.

Marine projects, deep Excavations and Tunnels, Underground Transit, Combined Sewer Overflow, Culverts, and Environmental projects are targeted in our business plan.  The use of state-of-the-art and forward-looking technologies such as robotics and sophisticated earth retention systems, along with a tightly managed organization give the firm a competitive edge.

  • Foundation & Site Work
  • Utility Projects
  • Marine Construction


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