American Pile and Foundation LLC


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American Pile and Foundation LLC

  • February 27, 2023    Views: 1248

American Pile and Foundation LLC is the Northeast’s premier pile driving and drilling specialty contractor. We offer expertise in providing our customers with both innovative and economical foundation design and construction solutions. Our skilled staff has over 50 years of experience in providing excellent service in all facets of foundation construction.


Pile Driving:

  • H-Piles
  • Pipe Piles
  • Timber Piles


  • Caissons/Drilled Shafts
  • Micropiles & Mini Caissons
  • Helical Piles
  • Displacement/Auger Cast CFA/DDP Piles


  • Underpinning
  • Concrete Pile Caps
  • Grouting

Sheeting & Shoring:

  • Sheet Piling
  • Soldier Piles and Lagging
  • Tie-Backs
  • Rock Anchors
  • Secant/Tangent Walls
  • Soil Nailing

Load Testing:

  • Compression- ASTM D1143
  • Lateral- ASTM D3966
  • Tension ASTM D3689
  • Osterberg
  • CSL
  • PDA
  • TIP



Rockaway Boardwalk

American Pile and Foundation was awarded 6 phases of the Rockaway Boardwalk Project. The project consisted of driving H-Piles for sand wall structure, boardwalk piles for pre-cast pile caps and access and amenities structures. Over the duration of the project, American Pile and Foundation drove thousands of H-Piles and Pipe Piles in record time and ahead of schedule, using multiple rigs and crews.

NYSDOT-Bridge Replacement

American Pile and Foundation was contracted to perform pile driving for Sawmill River Parkway Bridges 719 and 739 and Hutchinson River Parkway Bridge on East 3rd Street.


Sewaren 7 Combined Cycle Project

The project consisted of the installation of over 6,500 LF of AZ 248-700 coated steel sheeting for perimeter storm hardening and 4,200 – 18″ steel Pipe Piles, 55 in length to support foundations for the new generation facility. APF provided 3 Junttan pile driving rigs, and 2 – 150 crawler cranes.

Holtec Technology Center

American Pile and Foundation LLC was awarded 3 phases of this project which included a Test Pile Program, Manufacturing Building, and Office Building. The project consisted of the installation of over 3,700 pipe piles for a manufacturing building and office building. The piles will support over 500,000 sq. ft. of fabrication, machining, and staging space served by cranes with up to 400-ton capacity. American Pile and Foundation’s work consisted of the full installation of over 3,700 16-inch diameter pipe piles of varying depths between 30 and 90 feet. This includes driving, splicing, placing concrete, and installing rebar. This was achieved through the use of multiple rigs, including Junttan PM25s and Manitowac 4000 cranes with fixed leads. APF also installed over 1,100 linear feet of permanent sheeting to retain soil for the driving of over 350 piles in the pit excavations.


Riverside 69kV Conversion

American Pile and Foundation furnished labor and equipment to install 319 timber piles for the new 69kV substation at PSE&G Riverside. We furnished timber piles in 30-foot lengths; treated with 0.8 CCA and with 8-inch butts. We also included driving four index pipe piles with PDA.

East Mall Market

American Pile and Foundation furnished and installed 287 12″ timber piles with 8″ tip driven to a capacity of 27 tons for the NYS Office of Parks, Recreati&n, and Historic Preservation for the construction of the East Mall Market and Site Phase 2 located at Jones Beach State Park, Wantagh, NY.

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