How much does Steel Giant cost?

Creating a listing is absolutely free. We dont get paid until your item is sold.

What are your commission rates?


Item Price Commission
$1 - $149,999 5%
$150,000 - $349,999 4.5%
$350,000+ 4%


Item Price Commission
$1 - $149,999 5%
$150,000 - $349,999 4.5%
$350,000+ 4%

Other Materials

Item Commission
HDPE Pipe 8%
Barrier Wall 2.50/LF
Crane Mats 8%
Any unlisted material will be agreed upon before contract is signed

When will my listing be published?

Each listing is reviewed by our team before publishing. Typically, this takes anywhere from one to twenty-four hours.

Will you create my listing for me?

Sure. Just drop us a line.

How long will my listing be promoted for?

Until we sell it! It’s that simple.

Where will my listing be promoted?

We will promote your listing everywhere, including our magazine, social media, email blasts, and content marketing.

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