Sectional Barges 8′ x 40′ (ex US Navy)


20 pcs available for sale from our Edenton NC location
another 20 pcs + 1 ramp barge available for sale from our Tampa, FL location
asking price $33,500 per barge

System includes container sized sectional barges that can be structurally connected and utilized as temporary pier (beams & deck). The barge connections include clip on pipe pockets for elevating the system on 24” OD support pile.

Barge nominal dimensions:
8 ft wide x 4.5 ft deep x 40 ft long.
Approx. weight 24,000 lbs./ea.

All connect and with a very strong interlocking frame/pin.
Barges were built for the US Department of Defense by the Brown family company, who owned Rolls Royce at the time. They have deep roots in maritime design & fabrication business dating back to their patented improvements to marine steam engines in early days of the industrial revolution.

These are the “Rolls Royce” of sectional barges!

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