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    When will my listing go live?

    Listings will typically go live immediately after submitting. Some listing submittals may be selected for review by our team before being published, which usually takes up to twenty-four hours.

    Will you create my listing for me?

    Depending on the subscription package you selected, we do offer a concierge service which includes our team creating listings on your behalf.

    How long will my listing be promoted for?

    Until it’s sold or until the listing is removed. Depending on your subscription package, the level of advertising and promotion of your listing varies.

    Where will my listing be promoted?

    Your listing will be promoted on the SG website, various magazines, email newsletters, social media, content marketing, and more. Our goal is to drive as much traffic to your listing as possible.

    What does it cost to advertise on Steel Giant?

    You select your own subscription package depending on the amount of advertising and promotion you like. Click here to review the different subscriptions we offer. Steel Giant does not charge any commission on deals.

    Where can I find the Terms of Service?