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    Title Woltman 50 PR FF piledriving rig Year 2016 Manufacturer Model Woltman 50 PR FF S/N Condition used-great Added Sep 25, 2017 Location Not Provided ID SG3066 Views 2361

    This 2016 Woltman 50 PR FF  piling rig has special controlled free fall winches. Woltman 50 PR FF comes with a standard Tier 4 Final engine like all Woltman machines. It’s very mobile on the jobsite and quick to assemble/disassemble. The rig has great capacity and long reach; it has the hammer capacity up to 7 ton. It has a sliding and removable counterweight. Transport weight is 52 tons (without the hammer).  Very cost effective. Contact for more details.

    35322 Bayard Rd, Frankford, DE 19945, USA
    Address: info@spe-usa.net Company: Sun Piledriving Equipment, LLC Phone: 302-539-7187 Website: https://www.spe-usa.net/ Country: United States


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