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    Title Emergency Rescue Platform Year 2016 Manufacturer BOSCARO Model CPP ERP S/N Condition new Added Apr 18, 2016 Location North America ID SG2129 Views 723

    Be Prepared. Save a life.
    Maintaining an emergency rescue platform on a job or work site is an important site safety precaution. Furthermore, simply having one available can mean the difference between life and death. Why?

    Adding the functionality of an emergency rescue platform to your job site drastically increases the productivity and efficiency of any Incident Management Team that needs to respond to an event. And whether it be a natural disaster, mass casualty EMS incident, hazmat issue, crime scene case, urban search and rescue, or simply a need for mobile communications, the emergency rescue platform is an ideal technological addition to your team.

    Couple the emergency rescue platform with a rescue basket, universal harnesses, and some extra rope, and you’ll expedite rescue procedures ten-fold. That means you could spend more time helping those in need and less time carrying and prepping gear.

    The bottom line is simple: saving even one life by adding this to your emergency management plans means it’s worth having around.
    ERP Features
    The unit can fit two personnel, as well as a stretcher, and because of an easily accessible side ramp, personnel can be transferred on and off with ease. The emergency rescue platform can also be used as a standard 4-person basket, giving you the benefits of two baskets in one.

    Suitable for use across North America, the emergency rescue platform meets both ASME and OSHA regulations.

     White, powder coat finish
    Italian craftsmanship; engineered for North America
    Can be equipped with the required life-saving equipment
    Two rescue employees and one stretcher
    Folding side gate allows safe movement

    Address: 1621 A. Cornwall Ave. Bellingham, WA Company: Bigfoot Crane Company Inc. Phone: 604-626-1777 Website: http://www.bigfootcrane.com Country: United States


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