Box Hanging Set of Leads for Pile Driving Misc. Lifting Equipment

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    Title Box Hanging Set of Leads for Pile Driving Year Year Manufacturer Model Model S/N S/N Condition used-great Added Jan 23, 2017 Location New York ID SG2623 Views 1790

    Box hanging set of leads for pile driving. 3 sections, top, bottom and middle.
    20 1/2″ inside to inside of rail (between the guide)
    26″ Depth
    58′ Length (top 30′ middle 10′ bottom 18′)
    Straight leads which bolt together
    *no ladder*

    Purchased brand new about 7 years ago. Used with Vulcan Air Hammers#1, 6, 010, 50c, 30c

    Address: 3512 Bay Court Seaford, NY 11783 Company: Marine Bulkheading Inc. Phone: 516-510-1400 Country: United States


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