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EFCO Plate Girder Wall Forms

Listing Details
Category Other Materials
Weight N/A
Condition Used
Location United States, Southeast
Dimensions N/A
Model N/A

The attached are our EFCO Plate Girder Wall Forms. The forms are in good condition. Some have 2″ holes cut thru for fitting she-bolts on a large valve vault that we placed. No panning at all. They do not come with any accessories. $15/SF

7’X8′ 8
6’X8′ 8
4’X8′ 14
3-6″X8′ 16
16″X8′ 5
6’X12′ 8
8’X12′ 8
8’X8′ 4
5’X8′ 2
4’X8′ 2
4’X6′ 6
2’X8′ 4
4’X4′ 4
16″X6′ 2
6″X8′ 4
2′ Inside Corner 16

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