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Vulcan 014 Pile Driver

Listing Details
Category Deep Foundations
Sub-Category Hammers (hydraulic impact)
Manufacturer Vulcan
Model 014
Condition Used
Year N/A
Hours N/A
Serial Number N/A
Location N/A

Rated Strike Energy, ft-lbs (kJ): 42,000.0 (57.6)
Blows per Minute, Normal Stroke, No Set: 59.0
Nominal Stroke, ft-in (mm): 36.0 (914.0)
Rated Operating Pressure at Hammer, psi (bar): 110.0 (7.6)
Steam Consumption, lb/hr (Kg/hr): 6,111.0 (2,772.0)
Required Boiler Horsepower: 200.0
Required Air Compressor Size, cfm (m3/min): 1,161.0 (32.9)
Air Consumption (Adiabatic), cfm (m3/min): 1,300.0 (36.8)
Bore, in (mm): 19.0 (483.0)
Net Area of Piston, sq. in (cm2): 255.3 (1,646.8)
Length of Hammer, ft -in (m): 13\’ 11\” (4.2)
Distance Across Jaws, in (mm): 32.0 (813.0)
Width Across Jaws, in (mm): 11-1/4\” (286.0)
Largest Outside Diameter of Pile, in (mm): 29.0 (737.0)
Weight of Striking Parts, lb (Kg): 14,000.0 (6,350.0)
Net Weight of Hammer, lb (Kg): 27,500.0 (12,474.0)

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