For Rent: MKT V-8Esc Side Clamp Vibratory Hammer

For Rent

MKT V-8Esc

  • Excavator mounted vibratory driver/extractor
  • Rotational, side-to-side, fore/aft capabilities
  • Remote pendant, wireless remote, or joystick controls
  • 80 tons of driving force
  • Ability to operate at high or standard frequency
  • Great for low head room applications
  • Operates off of excavator auxiliary hydraulic circuit
Specification V-8Esc
Driving Force 80 tons 712 kN
Frequency @ max. flow 2,250 CPM 2,250 CPM
Frequency @ min. flow 1,750 CPM 1,750 CPM
Eccentic Moment 1,100 in-lb 1,267 kg-cm
Amplitude .5 in 12.7 mm
Clamping Force 62 tons 552 kN
Max. Line Pull w/ Bottom Clamp 32 tons 285 kN
Max. Line Pull w/ Side Clamp 16 tons 142 kN
Weight 9,250 lb 4,196 kg
Operating Pressure 4,000 psi 276 bar
Flow max. 80 gpm 303 lpm
Flow min. 65 gpm 265 lpm
*Excavator Size 70,000+ lb 31,750+ kg

Key features of the V-8Esc

  • 80 tons of driving force at frequency
  • Ability to switch from high frequency to standard frequency at the push of a button

High Frequency

Standard Frequency
o Greater driving force for tough driving conditions or larger pile o Lower flow requirement from excavator allows for operation with single pump flow
o Less soil disturbance for use in urban areas or where adjacent sensitive infrastructure exists o Greater amplitude to maximize driving performance in cohesive (sticky) soils
o Greater work rate at higher cycles per minute

o Longer life for internal bearings and gears

  • System weight allows the V-8Esc to be paired with excavators 70,000 and up
  • An excavator mounted system allows for use in low head room applications as well as jobsites with limited real estate

Available for rental on a weekly or monthly basis.
FOB Mount Ephraim, NJ 08059

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