For Rent: MKT Excavator Mounted Side Clamp Vibratory Hammers

For Rent

MKT offers the most rugged, hardworking and reliable excavator mounted side clamp vibratory hammers on the marketplace. With hammers ranging from 25 tons -80 tons of driving force we’ve got the right size hammer for your project.

MKT’s industry leading excavator mounted side clamp vibratory hammers mix a perfect blend of ruggedness and power to effectively and efficiently drive pile of all shapes and sizes in any environment.

The excavator mounted side clamp is perfect for low headroom applications or other areas where cranes can’t reach or for projects where mobilizing and using a crane aren’t financially feasible. Side clamp vibratory hammers increase pile driving efficiency on a job in a safe and cost effective manner.

ENHANCED ROI – MKT has the only hammer on the market with the ability to go from crane hung to excavator mount enhancing the products ROI.

VERSITILITY – Our bolt on side clamp and other attachments allow for driving multiple pile types with one hammer.

SERVICABILITY – Bolt on attachment allows for easy service should anything go wrong. The user can simply unbolt the attachment and replace it with a new one eliminating down time on the jobsite.

DEPENDABILITY – MKT hammers are build in Saint Louis, MO using certified American steel and use the best components in the business including Sun, Rexroth and Parker just to name a few.

MANUEVERABILITY – All MKT side clamps are paired with the industry leading Rototilt providing 270 degrees of rotation and tilt ability.

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