75′ Tower / Tilt-Over Mast

For Sale

75FT Communication Tower, 75mph wind rated, no guy wires, great for barge radios, internet, cell phone booster, Larger Micro Pop tower also available.
Manufacture – Beacon Pole $3,850/ea

No climbing required to install, erect or service.
No guy wires or support from buildings required.
Cost effective with our DIY Installation Option.
Our most popular tower/mast with an unobtrusive design.
Range up to 75’, depending on radio/antenna size.
About 6 man-hours to install and set-up.
A lockable, tilt-over, hinged design allows servicing radio/antenna from the ground.
Azimuth is adjustable from the ground.
Tower/mast sections are galvanized for long life.
Cables are routed internally for protection and appearance.
No excavation & No pouring a large heavy concrete base.
Requires a 6-7 foot deep post hole with 5-6 sacks of premix.
Tower/mast sections are galvanized for long life.
LM-4 Tower/mast is intended to support a single Fixed Wireless Internet radio/antenna 16 inches in diameter at 60 feet, or 10 inches in diameter at 75 feet above the ground.
Made In The USA.
Patent Pending.
One Year Limited Warranty On Parts If Installed According to our Installation Instructions.

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