2018 Model 450T-3 Crane Mounted Drill 500,000 + ft/lbs Rotary Torque

Listing Details
Category Deep Foundations
Sub-Category Misc. Drilling Equipment
Manufacturer STEVEN M HAIN CO
Model 450T-3
Condition Used
Year 2018
Hours N/A
Serial Number N/A
Location United States, Northeast

General Specification:


Power Unit:

John Deere Model 6090 Tier 3 Diesel Power Unit Rated 300 H.P. @ 2,000 R.P.M., and 1,048 ft./lb. Torque @ 1,500 R.P.M.



Dana-Spicer Full Powershift 4-Speed Transmission with 16-Inch Torque Convertor


Right Angle Gear Box:

Force Lubricated Hypoid Gear Set


Rotary Table Final Drive:

6.63:1 Ratio, Oil Bath Lubricated Spur Gear Drive


Theoretical Performance:

Rotary Torque (lb./ft.) Stall Rotary R.P.M
1st Gear 510,000 0 – 10
2nd Gear 255,000 0 – 24
3rd Gear 145,500 0 – 44
4th Gear 83,000 0 – 78


Kelly Bar Options:

Single, Double, Triple, and Quad Configurations

Minimum 7″ Square Solid Inner

Maximum 18″ Square Outer

Length to Customer Specification Positive Hydraulic Kelly Crowd System w/ 30,000# Down-Force


Crane Requirements:

100-ton minimum capacity, capacity will vary dependent on Kelly Size and applied working radius of drill attachment.


*specification’s subject to change without notice

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