2007 New Birminghammer B9 Pile Driving Hammer

For Sale

New with container

□ Remote Throttle – infinitely controllable energy
□ Clean Combustion- Low Emissions
□ Fuel injection
□ Easy Start in soft driving
□ Available with hydraulic trip □ Free-standing operation
□ Specialty driving adapters
□ Optional Kinetic Energy Monitor
□ Optional Energy Control System (patented)
□ Environmentally friendly (no-drip operation, bio-fuels, and oils)

Operational Specs:
Ram Mass: 22,000 lbs (910–kg)
Rated Energy: 21,000 ft lbs (28-kJ)
Stroke at Rated Energy: 10.5 ft (3.2 m) 37 blows per minute
Maximum Physical Stroke: 11.5 ft (3.5 m)
Range of Operation: 5.0-10.5 ft (1.5-3.2 m) 54-37 blows per minute
Kinetic Energy at Rated Stroke: 13,650 ft-lbs (18.5 kJ)
Hammer Weight – bare hammer: 4,630 lbs (2 100 kg)
Weight with Typical USA-Style Box Lead Guides: 4,850 lbs (2 200 kg) 21 in (533 mm) guides
Typical Direct-Drive Housing: 950 lbs (430 kg) 18 in (457 mm) opening
Total Typical Operatting Weight: 5,800 lbs (2 630 kg)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 15.0 US Gal. (57 L)
Oil Tank Capacity: 1.5 US Gal. (6 L)
Overall Length: 18.0 ft (5.5 m)
Length including Direct-Drive Housing: 19.4 ft (5.9 m)
Minimum Box Lead size: 19 in (483 mm


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