2004 ABI 16/20 Mobileram Rig $550K [Unusual Bargain]


2004 ABI 16/20 Mobileram Rig equipped with 2012 MRZV20V vibro hammer. The Sennebogen carrier has approx. 8,500 hours on a Cat C16 Engine.

Maintenance performed:

• all mast hoses and electronic harnesses were replaced
• a new Control panel was installed
• leader Cylinder 2 and boom cylinders were overhauled
• a fresh coat of paint was sprayed on the entire the machine.
• overhauling of leader cylinder 1 and the replacement of the leader cylinder 1 hoses
• replacement of the winch motor
• replacement of jaw pressure multiplier
• replaced damaged/dry rotted hydraulic hose inside house and house to mast.

Routine hourly based maintenance of rig and hammer attachment with sampling has been
performed as required by the manufacturer.

Inquire for pictures and more information.

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