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Marine Bulkheading, Inc.

From pile driving to drilling equipment, we’ve listed and sold multiple pieces of equipment with Steel Giant and will continue to use them as a vendor in the future!

Marine Bulkheading, Inc.

Ed Waters & Sons Contracting Co.

We find that listing with the Steel Giant, not only takes the least amount of effort, but has also proven to be the quickest way to sell our used equipment and materials.

Ed Waters & Sons Contracting Co.


How does pricing work on Steel Giant?

We allow anyone to post a listing free-of-charge, which we will promote. However, with our commission-based system, we will use all of power to sell your item.

How long will my listing be promoted for?

Until we sell it! It’s that simple.

When will my listing be published?

Each listing is reviewed by our team before publishing. Typically, this takes anywhere from one to twenty-four hours.

Will you create my listing for me?

Sure. Just drop us a line.

Where will my listing be promoted?

We will promote your listing everywhere, including our magazine, social media, email blasts, and content marketing.

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